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It was in February of this year that CenterState CEO launched this site, an online resource offering a dynamic diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) platform for businesses and the community. Sponsored by a partner in equity, Berkshire Bank, CenterState CEO Equity is meant to offer a DEI toolkit of information and educational resources to provide businesses with a deeper understanding of the intersections of race and equity in the business world.

Recent social and racial events have allowed businesses and individuals the opportunity to reflect on the role we play in moving our business community, country and society forward. In fact, over a year ago, the Racial Impact and Social Equity Portfolio (RESI) was created and since then, the RESI team has provided DEI services to an array of local and national businesses. The website is another means to advance that work, offering a free online resource for businesses and their employees to start diving into why DEI efforts are important, with opportunities for professional and personal growth. As you explore this website:

Take the Business Equity Pledge It’s time to take action and address DEI efforts in the workplace. Step up as a leader and pledge to promote and advocate for sustainable initiatives on racial equity.

Learn about Commemorative Observances Learning about and acknowledging commemorative observances can expand your cultural competency. Each month, the website highlights commemorative observances for various cultural identities and groups to celebrate their accomplishments and acknowledging the challenges of these communities through history and present day. Some commemorative observances are national observances listed by the Library of Congress (e.g., Juneteenth and Asian Pacific Heritage Month).

Assess. Learn. Engage. The site offers interactive tools, including a free micro course, a curated digital library, self-assessment tools and other means to evaluate and expand awareness of racial equity and social impact.

Take part in RESI DEI Training Services Explore a suite of fee-based DEI corporate training services designed for businesses and the community that focus on content areas such as the history of racism in America; understanding institutional bias and systems change; and team action planning. From C-Suite sessions for upper management and leadership to Lead for Change sessions for mid-management, there’s a service designed for all employees at any level of an organization. All service experiences guarantee that participants will be exposed to critical tools of understanding racial realities to broaden personal and professional ideals in a safe and engaging environment.

Check out some testimonials from former clients who have used our training services. There’s also a quick and simple way to ask me a racial equity and social impact question.

We’re here to engage with you on your journey toward a more equitable society for businesses and the community!

-Dr. J.

Dr. Juhanna Rogers is vice president of Racial Equity and Social Impact at CenterState CEO. Contact Dr. Rogers at to learn more about racial equity and social impact initiatives, DEI training courses and consultation services available through CenterState CEO.

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