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Juhanna Rogers, Phd. (Dr. J)

Vice President of Racial Equity and Social Impact, CenterState CEO

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Juhanna Rogers, PhD is the vice president of racial equity and social impact.  Dr. Juhanna Rogers is a critical race scholar and leads CenterState CEO’s Racial Equity and Social Impact portfolio of work focused on prioritizing race and equity work within the organization, community and beyond. Whether you're an employee, a business owner or an executive, she is here to help. 

"Prioritizing race and equity work within the organization, community and beyond..."

Ask Dr. J

Ask Dr. J your racial equity and social impact questions.  From everyday casual encounters to issues within the workplace, Dr. J offers expert advice. Your questions may be featured here on this site.  

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Dr. J's Blog

Dr. J shares her insights on how to continue your equity and social impact journey. Check out her latest blog posts below, with more here.

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