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A Community Approach to Change

Featured in CEO Essentials, Jan. 2021, CenterState CEO monthly newsletter

As we continue our collective journey to achieve racial equity and social impact, there is a critical need for understanding the distinction between diversity, equity and inclusion.

Diversity is recognizing we are all different. Equity is taking into account how those differences affect one’s life. And inclusion is developing the strategies to keep us involved and acknowledges the unique experiences of our lives.

These three distinct areas require our intentional focus and development. Being intentional requires us to think about diversity, equity and inclusion, personally and professionally as we strive for our own growth. How else are we to turn the tide toward greater equity and inclusion in our workplaces and communities? Now is the time! We must prepare ourselves and our organizations for building more inclusive and diverse leadership that will lead us forward.

In the year ahead, we are providing the following tools to help further your growth and that of your organizations:

  • Thanks to our lead sponsor Berkshire Bank, and our colleagues at Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield that support our content, we are excited to create this new online space for the business community to think critically about equity and social impact.

  • Panels and workshops, including our Lead for Change series for managers and directors, offer opportunities for the leaders within your organization to take a greater role in driving institutional change around racial equity.

  • Events and speaker series will target learning and growth, including discussions with a CenterState CEO team of experts about living, working and building lives in Central New York; a focus on diversity in higher education; and continuation of our Generation Next Tech and Culture series.

When I look around Central New York, we have the makings of a great community. Our region can create a model for workplace inclusion. We also have the potential to create a region that embraces its diverse community in more inclusive ways. With engagement from members and community partners, we can create a region where the next generation of leaders will want to build their lives and careers. Not a week goes by where we aren’t learning about the launch of a nother company, a program that retains graduates, or a new cutting-edge opportunity showing leadership in this space. We are on a path forward, and we look forward to continuing this work with you in 2021.

-Dr. J.

Racial Equity & Social Impact

Dr. Juhanna Rogers is vice president of Racial Equity and Social Impact at CenterState CEO. Contact Dr. Rogers at to learn more about racial equity and social impact initiatives, DEI training courses and consultation services available through CenterState CEO.

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