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Racial Equity & Social Impact - A Model for Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) can be seen across the nation, from recently appointed roles and promotions at companies like Pinterest Business, Acosta and Omnicom Health Group, to enhancing critical DEI initiatives at Starbucks and Avanade. Champions of diversity are showing up in record numbers, and at CenterState CEO, the Racial Equity and Social Impact (RESI) portfolio is inspired to continue this work, and proud to be a leading DEI champion.

The Central New York Chapter of Association for Talent Development (CNY ATD) has recognized CEO’s RESI portfolio as a Champion of Learning. This resulted from a presentation to CNY ATD on promoting racial equity, diversity and inclusion awareness and education, while helping build more equitable workplaces in Central New York.

With this distinction, the RESI portfolio acknowledges:

  • Our work is a model for supporting DEI advancement.

  • We invest in the talent and development of DEI experts leading in the community.

  • We are modeling a method of DEI business that supports the development of MWBE-certified and non-certified businesses.

  • We engage vendors of color to make our work possible.

  • We are looking to grow our work in 2022 and improve the quality of the experience. This includes new events, such as a Race for Equity experience to help us bring the work to life in new ways.

Our team is excited to be recognized for its DEI work and looks forward to continued growth and success. Although, DEI isn’t new, being recognized and highlighted for raising awareness and providing critical educational equity work that is transforming businesses and individuals is new. We also look forward to continuing the DEI journey with our clients.

Thank you, CNY ATD, for a wonderful honor!

-Dr. J.

Dr. Juhanna Rogers is vice president of Racial Equity and Social Impact at CenterState CEO. Contact Dr. Rogers at to learn more about racial equity and social impact initiatives, DEI training courses and consultation services available through CenterState CEO.

February is Black History Month

Each month, this site highlights Commemorative Observances for various cultural groups, races and identities — celebrating accomplishments, recognizing their contributions and acknowledging the struggles of these diverse groups.

Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, celebrates the achievements of African Americans and their central role in shaping U.S. history each February. It is also to raise further awareness of the ongoing battle against systemic discrimination and inequity.

This month, our Black History Month Commemorative Observances page includes highlights of important milestones, cultural achievements, historical injustices, and the influence of the African American community throughout history. We encourage you to read, learn and find new ways to pay tribute to the African American community as you expand your understanding toward equality, equity and social inclusion. You can also download social media graphics and find hashtags to use during the month.

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